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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Life cheated me
What did I do to Life,
Other than live?
I believe that I am
Life’s best giver,
Best provider,
Best listener,
When will Life realize
The love I’ve dedicated
Myself to bestow to Life?
You see I don’t ask
Of it to do more than
I can do for myself.
However I am always left,
Then lost within
The translation of it all.
Life believed that I
Would not figure it out
So soon so fast,
Life must have thought
That I would not understand
Its changes, its inconsistent ranges
Of love shown to me.
See what Life failed to recognize,
Was the simplicity of my walk
And the simplicity of my talk.
Life at times around me stopped
When I did not,
And that’s when I figured
Life was up to no good.
Life always felt misunderstood,
When all along Life
Was afraid to be faithful
To Life itself.
Life…the reason I am stronger,
The reason why
My spirit quickens
When Life seems confused,
And functions dysfunctional.
I have already expressed to Life
I have already revealed myself to Life,
But have yet to escape
from the iniquities of Life.
I sought assistance from God
At the times
When I was troubled by Life,
To only learn this lesson
Taught to me by God
Who has given me Life.
Which is Life is
What you make of it,
Because you only
Get one Life to live Life,
Even after Life cheats you
Out of another’s


1 comment:

delicacy said...


Lay your head back lover,
Relax your troubled mind,
Let me fill your world with peace,
Leave the past behind.

There is a place that no one else can enter.It is a place that holds no secrets,only beauty, peace, understanding.

Fill the night with pleasure,
Sweet, erotic bliss,movement of both place and time, suspended with a kiss.

Lift your heart to soar above,
Gaze into my eyes,
The single sound to reach our ears,
Life's releasing sighs.

And in that moment, I know you;
every pore, every pulse,
every thought, every fear.
I feel myself laid bare before you,
and I feel content . . .

Entwined as one, A single cord,
We'll surrender in the night,
Staying here forever,
In the moon's caressing light