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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What The Fukc Is Wrong With You?

This is from me to them….
In my face always
Abusive with your
Words out of context using
I was born from one parent
Achieved by two
Who the Fugh is You
Telling me what
I am suppose to do
I under realize my form
Just to transmit
Greatness in silence
Even beyond my flaws
I storm in ways many ways
Opposite of violence
I reign supreme
My most sacred thoughts
Of how I really see you
Again who the fugh is You
Telling me what
I need to do
Or what I should be doing
Isn’t your Starbucks coffee brewing?
Isn’t your last night consuming
The true reason
you can see past your past
which leaves you constantly
Where within that
I have nothing to do with
but instead you want to express
to me this hostile form of selfishness
Because it just is
How the hell
Excuse me
How in the hell
Awe fugh it
I am tired of explaining
I am tired of refraining
I am tired of accepting
I am tired of reflecting
This is not the final straw
But the final time
I allow you to appall
The Love I have for all
That I should not have to
Worry about stressing
Or be concerned with
How others view
What the hell I do
Including for who
Which leaves me
With only one question
when this occurs
I just have to ask

What The Fukc Is Wrong With You?

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