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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Enjoying This....The Reincarnation

Strapless the dress
No bra
No commitment
I’m already loving this
Hair long a little curl and shiny
Smelling like Aruba
Anxiously with her
I’ve been dying to scuba
If you feel me
The walk confident
Left hip knees bent
Right hip knees bent
This girl is sexy as shit
Thighs looking like awe fukc it
She’s The bomb
before the experiment
Got me making reservations
Hotel with the Jacuzzi
8 pillows with 4 mints
I know this woman is
More than heaven sent
Let’s call her Venus
The Goddess of Love and Beauty
Got me lusting for
More than just her booty
I mean her body is
What it is
But I need more
I need to be able to close my eyes
And see the way
She breathes while I am tracing
Her silhouette with my
Behind closed doors thoughts
I need to be able to see
The orgasm and the climax
Without even touching her..
The strawberry inside of the champagne
The chocolate outside of the whipped cream
Then inside of her wettest dream…
This is where my thoughts are
When it comes to
such a magnificent star
Shining on me like
the lights of a police car
Yeah she is something Sexy alright
She works up an appetite
Keeps me wanting her more than
Cats want more lives
I am hers to bring pleasure to
I am able
I show through what I know
Like slowly licking
Slowly flicking
Slowly picking
My spots to her make hot
while bringing
my poems of stimulation to life
or a love song to a complete pause
before and after the removal
of her under garments
My role is to bring that thunder harder
harder and harder….
The only man that can start her engine
Without a starter
Knowing she would be appreciative of the
Overall experience while
Enjoying me enjoying her while

I'm Enjoying This....The Reincarnation

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