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Friday, March 02, 2001

Longlast With Me

I want to think of you as mine
I want to last in your mind
I forever.
I want you to think about me
in your time of despair
Think about AHKMEL
Loving you unconditionally
Like a man is suppose to
Remember the introduction
Remember the respect
I showed you from the start
Have control of your passion
Your distractions
for all I will ever desire
from you is your heart
along with its undivided attention
For you I will cross my soul
and hope to stay alive
just for one more night
to express to you
what is on my mind
Woman I want to make you my song
The never ending soft melody
I hear when I awake
in the morning
The perfect chirp
giving my a reason to rise
fixing you breakfast
and a cup of tea or coffee
before you go to work
So craft with me
and laugh with me
so that you will

Longlast With Me

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