The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Friday, November 16, 2007

No Home Cooking

Verse 1)

Been there
Cop’d that

Sold weed
Then crack

2 4 5’s Red tops
Followed by Black

Chop Chop
Tap tap

The mirror was
Used for this then that

Reflections of a man stacked
Dollar bill White lines I packed

Two days later
I’m tapped

to free up
another pack of that
“Who’s the Mack”

1 Thou 2 Thou
3 Thou Became Wow

All in one week
no smile
No eye contact no pound

Just that burna
That would air ya out

Stepping before looking
Will get you

Air’d tha fuck out
in Brooklyn

no wake no funeral
no home cooking

told you before
how I do shit

all night long with

- No Home Cooking -

(Verse 2)

Now that my money’s right
I need to get that illah

Killah chick that will fillah
A pair of Von Doch jeans
And treat my Diddick like a Milla

Cuz I’m Genuine
Do the math

That realla niggah
From the street no gorilla

Gonna keep me from my triggah
or my girl like Reggie Miller

I will Knicka ur Bocka
Detatch your Door Knocka

then black and blue you
quick on that Blocka Blocka


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