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Friday, November 16, 2007

Keeping You Next To Me

Sleeping within your evening
Special the sheets made me feel
Right at home comfortable
and no longer alone
appreciative of the texture
of your flesh
my mind is now taken
away by the opportunity
to drift inside of your sensation
shaking body to body
chemistry displaying
muscles inflating
sensually relating
warm blooded uncovered
as I thirst more for your stimulation
while the candle
and light aroma are
sexually contemplating
and accomplishing

Keeping You Next To Me

1 comment:

Delicacy said...

I couldn’t help but always turn my eyes towards you
I was thrilled when you would look my way too
Your glances signaled that you felt the same
But was afraid that friends is that all we became

Your touch was grand and your feelings were no joke
I wanted to tell you too but I was the one who would likely choke
Cause if you told me you would not have to fear
All I needed was your consent to just stay near

So many things for us to share and always know
Each time I passed and watched you so
Always hoping I was on your mind
Never wanting to leave you so far behind

One of the things I wanted most
Was to hold you in my arms ever so close
Trusting that you wanted that too
Regretfully it might have been a fantasy that will never come true

Even for a minute how I wondered how it would feel
For what was unspoken seemed so real
I had hoped for the chance to be more than your bud
And someday be the only one you would ....