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Monday, January 09, 2006

There You Were (w)

You are reading my thoughts
and I yet to speak
What am I suppose to do?
You so perfect, so sleek inside
as I noticed you
before you noticed me
my lungs collapsed
then my voice box became weak
all at the same time simultaneously
I walked right by you
then turned around as you walked by
so I could continue to admire you
then you turned and looked at me
embarrassed was I .... at first
until you smiled
you knew how much
you were driving me wild
I threw my hands in the air
and you witnessed my reactions
as you kept walking
then slowly disappeared
If you only could imagine
my suffering, my wanting to
just know you name
do you understand
I just would like to know you name
do you understand?
so I can have it attached
to this different type of pain
I exhale without inhaling
due to my last thoughts of you
the last place I remembered
seeing that radiant shine around you
premeditating my next time
hoping to achieve you
like with my pupils
catching a shooting star
same place I will
wait for you to pass everyday
like right now I long
for the same to occur
closing my sights
just to reopen them
to you once more
believing in just
one more time
being able to
lay my eyes upon you
to my surprise
as I opened my eyes

There You Were - 05/31/2001 11:00 AM

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