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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cause I Love You

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I remember listening to this song
and saying to myself
"I can write 5 poems to this song about the woman I love" and then I started to type....and Titled my first poem which is called

"You Are"

Day's like this I've imagined
my sleep - easy as I think about you now.
That precious glow you show
riveting in my mind as I travel
beyond the clouds
just to be held by your smile
my love you have commandeered my souls soul,
rescuing my spirit from defeat monogamously
I promise my ability to secure my plans
with you as you stand with devotion by your man
that you have chosen to stand next to...WOW
Me, the luckiest human being
emotionally together with you,
Free to now warm up the coldest weather with you,
loving the decision I have made by far
which is to love you as my wife to be just the way

You Are

as I now continue listening to this lovely song with you on my mind in a different way, a sexual way, titling my next poem

"Locking Limbs"

Silk Love, honey sweet passionately delighting me,
my mouth wide open to receive
the sweetest juices of ecstasy,
nectar scented, peaches and cream fermented
a tropical vacation of lust between your legs
is how I desired to spend it,
sweating, dripping, stroking,
and whipping that appeal on you
seeing just how I handle your love
brighter than your favorite candle,
long kisses, slower strokes
getting to know me as your man,
I suppose is the best thing
to ever happen to your growth, I suppose.
Like I said before I am just getting started,
remember it only took me 1 finger
in 8 second to find your G-spot
left arm under and on top of my right shoulder,
right arm under and on top of my left shoulder,
hips arched just right moving my strength closer
for you erotic river to flow over,
left leg tightly wrapped around my right leg,
right leg tightly wrapped around my left leg,
heart racing faster than
the pulsating of my excitement you've felt it
when we were releasing and sharing
how we really feel about each other intimately
melting flesh upon flashes of heat stricken
by the uninhibitedness of lust
expressing addiction at the same time we were

Locking Limbs...

and I will pause right now due to being spent, my energy left needs to be used to be continued...

Now to complete in my time of Loving the newness and rewards of my life right now, where I am now listening to the song again....A title jumps into my mind Titled:

Here, I Am

Cheek to Cheek
I remember seeing you again
for the very first time

My heart paused as my tears fell
not visible to the human eye
just God's Eyes

Where I every day continue
to thank him for
providing me a safe passage to you

To my Heaven, My Halifax, Nova Scotia
where after receiving
so much of your telephone love
I just had to be closer

Feeling beautiful beyond matrimony
I felt no longer lonely
knowing that someday if I applied myself
I would be your one and only

presence felt as the airplane approached the runway
with a touch only lovers feel when in love
as I was wanting to leave my bags behind
just to not have there be any further delay

I did however pack light, remember
remember how it was cold and not even December
and there you were your presence
and your embrace that was so tender

and that is the reason why I am
what I am because of you
permanently in your life to remain
that is the reason why I came

to be that husband
that best friend
that man that I will need for you
to understand

as I am here for your advantage
and not to damage
because my goods, trust me are good
and will never like my love vanish

so please release, relax, relate, rely
and respond to this loving man because
it is only for you

Here, I Am

I must say that I really enjoyed writing that poem, as it describes the comfort of my mood, when thing about love, while being in love with love....

So Soft

1 o'clock in the morning
the satin
the spoon position
the reaching out
with desire
the breath on the left side
of the neck
cotton sheets on fire
aroma of lust
keeping my interest inspired
to achieve the sometimes un-achieveable
legs drifting in between
legs smoother than a players dream
I feel ya
erect state of emergerncy
becomes one with the urgency t
of pleasure needing to be experienced
and again achieved
holding the oxygen hostage
anticipating the release of the
reason I am laying next to you
as I do nothing but during impact
look to give my best to you
because it is you,
by you I have been caught
in the middle pink handed
submitting to the walls
of your Utopia that is

So Soft

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