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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Leaving Well Enough Alone - 01/22/02

She entered my ray of light
fragile with her stance
though aggressive with her glance
I'm thinking with my heart
to promote romance
nothing else
I want to wine and dine
spend time not to waste it
might even want to sample
what's on her menu
you know maybe taste it
because she sounds so intellectual
as we need to be
caught off guard sometimes
just to feel stimulated
as the break down mentally
leaves room to become sexually frustrated
beyond control based on the needs
of we as humans
Gender playing a role
when it comes to
wanting to have control
of what we are doing
I'm using you allowing you to use me
is all apart of American History.
Please desire the burning with fire
even after leaving all there was to know
about the male where you didn't let
the relationship with no relation go stale
still keeping yourself in position to allow
your womanhood to flow backwards
then expressing how he's not good for you
when you knew all along
singing that same old song
which sometimes leaves you
or better yet puts you right back
in the same position of lying on your back
thinking about the opposite of understanding
what you deserve as a woman
who titles herself a Queen or Empress
settling for less than less
when for real, you, your body,
your mind, spirit, and soul is priceless
instead thinking that there are needs of yours
that have to be fulfilled selfishly
attaching your scandalous ways
to those males who don't KEEP it real
but it is you that is lonely or alone
not meeting everyone's standards of being involved
So whether a hunch was a hunch
with him you will still go out to lunch,
dinner, the movies, a play even to
his immediate home to meet his family
all of that is what you do
out of the false sense of consideration of
taking time out for yourself
which is something I will never condone
falling now as it is on
your mind and chest
when in the beginning you should've maintained
your dignity by

Leaving Well Enough Alone - 01/22/02...(and I'm free, because that's how Allah keeps me.....

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