The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Your Heart and Mine

Waking up in your arms
no longer shall I be in danger,
keeping me safe and secure
I consider you know longer a stranger,
you have listened to my heart
and it spoke softly to you,
what do you do now,
how do you escape now,
for I can actually say that
I can see myself
being in love with you,
ask yourself the same
and you will see how much
you really care for me,
trust in me and worship
how I make you feel,
you want me all to yourself
what a coincidence,
Oh. . . .So conveniently located
to your heart more than I've ever been
are you going to take advantage
or are you going to take time to manage
what's going on inside your heart,
where on your face it's already candid
The world was given to me
to give to you if you want it,
I do things for your best interest
Where the best has yet to come,
so be patient with my love
and promise that you won't run from it
Mrs. Pharod, I'll call you
because it is apart of me
and you like it which makes
Things so complete..
And at this time I'm happy and I'm satisfied
so come along and enjoy the ride,
because it is forever like

Your Heart and Mine

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