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When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

You Are Special

I thought about your eyes last night
the way they would appreciate the poetic textual
that I sometimes
tend to communicate with,
is it a crime
the way I slowly
caught up to your heart
as I know it
well enough
to stay inclined
to continue comforting you with beautiful images
of what you have yet
to receive unconditionally, what you deserve now
in your life is me,
I'm not to be judged,
because I am you.
Think about that for a second
I have feelings like you
What makes us different?
I have emotions
I like affection,
who shows it to me?
I never thought of that
until now,
bleeding my heart
just to caress
that insecure feeling
in your chest
when it comes to a man
that doesn't need to
excite himself
by getting you to undress,
give me your time woman
provide me with what I need,
what I deserve,
I love you
are only three words,
please build and learn
different expressions
because it...
I'll tell you
is a powerful thing close your eyes
after the ending of this poem
click on to my page
so you can tell
how much I am really alone,
imagine me standing
dedicated next to you
..never doubting this
universe that I share.
To conclude Beautiful.....
I Understand You..

You Are Special

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