The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000


Good evening all...just wanted to take the time out to express the Man in My hood.
I of a kind one, do you remember how I first broke you off, not love making but object shaking, you your flesh I will warm the lids of your eyes to close slightly as I take control, fantasize about how me, how I like Chuck Berry rock and roll, I think you are going to never stop wanting my expressiveness when it comes to the creativity I'm about to legibly show you...Your hair tie it back, those nails cut them back because you might hurt yourself, erectness you witness automatically your mind tell it's body to arch it's back, insertion of the rod full with a life potion, are you ready, throbbing through the cotton moisture upon my finger tips as it converses with your inner lips, excited by your taste as I place my fingers in my mouth one at a time to taste your deliciousness, damn I shouldn't even be writing this, making me extra tentative, blood flows to my , sorry if I scare you by the size of and it's powerful beating presence, grab and see for yourself, take off your own clothes for sometime it's good for your health, I'm about to stroke the memories of an unnatural world out your life,,,slow suspended, feet curling, when was the last time you rode a pony as expressive as this, walls closing in because of the way I hunt for that spot that makes you yell for more than an inch, thrusting knees bend, didn't think I could sink you Titanic, iceberg mentality when it comes to bringing you pleasure with an hour of stiffness, you don't remember do you, the way the hips laid on my bed permanent because of how I applied myself some what aggressive, the tongue plays tag with your clitoris, oooooooo I hope I didn't turn on your faucets that I right know would not be able to drink from.......warmth becomes of you because I'm not done, awaiting for your chest to act as a drum as I slowly beat my rod with enough repetitions allowing my to slowly come to an orgasm, the world is about to begin as my tongue becomes entrapped inside of your prize possession, I can't breathe there is a new exciting force taking over me,,,,,woman you taste like a piece of sugarless the tip of my nose I doing what I'm suppose to right....push my face inside and push it until I use your insides for my new breath of life,,,,,I'm going crazy like I never though as I now rely on you and your Nile river for....


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