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Friday, October 20, 2000

For Everything I Was

I wrote poetry
just to share my heart
because I find it sometimes hard
to communicate with you
then I confess my love
and you look at me as if
you have no clue,
for where I have died
and resurrected my devotion
just for you,
I will always find you beautiful
as now you are needing
more attention than I can give you,
from day one
I’ve been there to ease you,
with one disturbance
that opened my eyes
to my heart needing you,
remember back in 96
remember the winter of 97
the summer of 98
the fall of 99
and now its the fall of 2000
and I’ve discovered that within
all of these years of knowing you
I’ve actually been wasting your time
as well as mine,
I apologize for introducing
myself to you,
I’m sorry for making love to you,
I’m sorry for visiting you
at your school when all I had
was time to show you
that I really wanted you
to be my dime better yet
priceless gem that could only
get better with time,
and now there's my heart
that once again has been
left in the dark, sad memories
I dream as now we've grown
further apart, I asked if you
would be my wife to be,
answering yes, at the time
I thought I would be free
of distress when all that happened
was you leaving me in distress,
spending most of all
of your time on the internet,
not even aware of this sight
and what it behests
so in turn I will have to
with you disconnect, because
I find myself very special
as I express myself
through universal sentiments
I’ve found a class that
I enjoying staying in as long
as I am unconditionally accepted
so to come to a close
as I wipe away a tear from my nose,
I want you to understand that
no man in the world will adore you,
explore you as well as
be willing to die for you
as I will no longer love you
as much just because you
never took the time out
to show your interest in me.....

For Everything I Was

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