The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ice Before the Tea

From the corner of my immediate
I experienced the lust of your silhouette
you made my head sweat

I wanted to ask of it
then you expressed you had a man in it
which brought out the gentleman's respect
that's why I haven't approached you yet

I think of it
like in a movie
or clip on the internet
you removing your under nets
just so I can work my wonderpets

all ten of them
including the other two
that some stalk me to experience

scene still plays over in my mind
legs arms intertwined
the company name branded on your behind
why am I still here I think sometimes

is it I that desires the attempt
less the emotions expressed
or is it you that knows exactly
what I represent

you once said it yourself
that I am a prostitute or pimp
however it was you that also
kept me out of the cold in December

leaving me with warm feelings
about across the street loving
suite 560 on the floor hugging

late afternoon sun down rubbing
hands to head in-between wanting
me to step up to the plate NY thugging

as I now submit my all to be called Charles
because with my life
up until now I was the only one in Charge

So in-conclusion I will ask you to forgive first, nicely
then continue to understand second, precisely
knowing that you are the honey in the sugar
that I've desired to sip with

Ice Before the Tea

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