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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Creeping In-Between Your Walls - Finally

It was on a rainy day
When I first laid eyes
Upon such a design
Sleek yellowish in color defined

By Palmer’s as a cocoa butter formula
I immediately thought that I could use it
To dedicate my time as an explorer
Moisturizing the more of a

Gender that would love to accept
My patience as a gift
As in the way I would use the liquids
In the bottle to make all submit

Their will, their rights, their independence,
Their blouses, their pants, to the undergarments
I thought about this to be specific
The pleasure received from the hands to body experience

The climax reached before the mouth
to the back of the neck deliverance
My seductive ways that I’d use to ease that pain
Leaving a lasting impression though I am no Impressionist

I am like a catchyouist
Where you’d least expect it
Mouth open wide tongue yours twist
Finger and toes curlyouist

Again I’m practicing patience
providing you with an session intimate
that will be long-lasting
or better yet infinite

with the candles lit
the wine poured upon your delicious
I have an appetite that is very suspicious
Wouldn’t you agree

After the way I’d
make your mind fantasize about
experiencing this with me

The Mena je trois of my smile
The upper and bottom lip
Keeping you on your toes
By the way I flicked your clit

Between your inner thighs
And sexy hips
I released my uninhibited aggressiveness

Making you moan
Making you drip
Making you grab hold of my head
After making your shadow sweat

Tag team style
like I’ve shown once before
the way I do how I do
after coming through your door

with that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Moisturizing Body Oil
seeping into your pores
at the same time I’d be

Creeping In-Between Your Walls

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Anonymous said...

Love it! You arena great writer! Not to mention sexy!!