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Monday, November 06, 2000

With You

In love with thinking
that you are that special woman for me,
In love with thinking
that with you my dreams will finally come true,
In love with the thought
of someone in you holding me tight,
In love with you,
can this be true
as I am hungry to understand you,
as I am more hungry to love you,
In love with wanting to know what moves you,
In love with the smile
that was once shown to me by you,
In love with the ringing
of my phone when I know its you,
In love.... it's been so long ago
and finally I’m waking up with the sun
as it shines on my face because of you.
In love...WOW I feel so invincible
so secure in staying in love with you,
as you've inspired my heart from the start,
what else and how else should I feel about you,
if you know tell me,
if there is another way
I should express how I really feel about you,
I'm in love and if you can't understand that,
then you will never understand
anything I am willing to show as well as go though

With You

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