The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Break Neck Speed

Verse 1...

The tactical way I get down
Crushing crowns
Brick by brick
You fucking with AHK now
From Buck Town
You betta duck down
Before I shut down – the city
Shit won’t be pretty
Why can’t you feel me?
I’ll pull back quickly
And pop you like a wheely
Cracks in the ground
Filled with your blood
What a pity
Run for cover
Then yell when you see me
Fe Fi Fo Fumn’ niggaz
Smelling the pavement
Face dragged across the floor
On some old’ reckin the stage shit
For real
Tell the story of the real niggaz
Who don’t conceal triggaz
Army over there in East New York
Ready to kill niggaz

Break Neck Speed

Verse 2...

Who the fuck is you
Trying to
Bring the new
Corrupt critical
Now your ass is cripple
Handicap mics
For corny ass emcee’s
Testing 3,2 – 1,2
niggaz out of state bum niggaz
Trying to break up the formation
Side by side we walk
Resulting in confrontations
Picking up ashes
Smoking them afta the cremation
some old wicked shit
Freestyled on the B46 through Bushwick
1989 laminating spines
for the hard times
Parachuting the lyrical divine
on that in your face
ready to replace and displace
the negativity bitch niggaz
is feeding me during the chase
Steady trying to vex me
until I south paw’ em
like a lefty
at the same time
I’m handling mines at

Break Neck Speed

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