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Friday, December 29, 2006

Red Room

My mind races at paces
that has yet to be measured,
due to the softness
of believing that with
someone I love being here for me
is the same person I would treasure..forever
a dream that I have over and over
similar to the fantasy of you and I
together in a red room
you know I envision
my days being filled
with nothing but smiles and love
from one beautiful woman
that will understand
my purpose for breathing each day,
the reason for wanting to talk
about red rooms which I believe
symbolizes where I live
better known as the heart
I live there every day
looking to allow a woman
a place where she can be at peace and free
we talked about being free
the equivalent of loving you for you
that to me is what freedom is about
you see when you love you - you love all,
because it is naturally all
that make us who we are...
Would you be willing
to exist with me for a moment
inside of my red room
its pretty graphical and sensual
and a little erotic,
just me being a man who knows
the gift he has before the strength he has
praying that it will really ease
the small of your back..
The pulling of your nakedness soft
as my thoughts are necessarily softer
I wish to last with you longer
because of your ability to inspire my verbal agility
within this realm of touch communicatively
the tranquility is beyond rose petal sensitivity
your flesh and the dripping of my stability
keeping me endowed permanently
my sensuous mobility
I wish to express my mentality
before the red candle scented with purity
becomes the death of me
making me another orgasmic casualty
the whispering of our pulsating embrace
throbs my elongated sense of durability
here and now I need you to understand the capabilities
of how belonging here in this room with me
is how things are really suppose to be
where the four play becomes your play
started so passionately at the doorway
the waiting patiently in my Poetic Asylums hallway
your picture your smile
and now your heart keeps me
focusing my attention your way
I noticed the angles of your tone heavenly angelically
so sincere ready and willing
to invite yourself here
hoping to experience something different than last year
an electronic nibble there
and an electronic kiss there
wiping the satisfaction off of the keys
as I slowly move all over it
like the way my mind directed its attention
sometimes to the back of your knees
I am here for the pleasure to please
your femininity while you experience my masculinity
and the redness of my energy
your now Superman with his super poetical,
righteous intellectual powers along with my red cape
now becoming my red silk sheet
to lay you down gently on
knowing that we are here together
for the outlasting of your red thong
that was once on like the way we were once on
turning and yearning
red candle wax on my chest burning
it is getting a little hot as I am still here wanting
to experience your delights
now a part of my appetite
not looking for a fight
just a little stimulation of what I think you might like
I can go on and on until I no longer
have any aim
where I am not here looking to become drained
hoping you understand that these thoughts
are really inspired by the thought of consuming you
while visiting my

Red Room

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