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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Your First Kiss

I would like for this poem
to take you back
I would like for it
to take you back to the time
when you first understood
the magic of a kiss
the thinking about who, how,
when and where
and the way it was going
to happen to you
Special as a woman with
these newly found emotions
sweet as the honey dripping
from the hive of your mind
so innocent
so delicate
feeling good about wanting
and needing
passionate affection
thoughts higher than the moon
on a warm summer's night in Cairo
your heart wrapped in
precious gems melted into
a protective sheath
Important is the way
your world will continue
to spend from this point on
for that first touch
of a boys soft hands
and lips upon the soft flesh
of your exterior mouth
will be just enough
for you to trace his face
to a secret place
remember how the pillow
became his first name
followed by the sheets
becoming his full
the way you comforted
your body hoping and wishing
that he will one day
be able to do the same
you admiring your own
techniques on your hands
or with a cousin or girl friend
such a tender young age with
so many questions
hesitant of your approach
to the things that
were important and
also mattered to you the most
lost and frustrated
when the kiss didn't last
longer than you attempted
to hold your breath
helpless and confused
because that young boy
also became aware of
his sexual self which
did not for you and only you exist
setting in now
along with a different attitude
are the first stages of your ability
to become jealous - cute
left with only the memory
of the way you first felt
after experiencing

Your First Kiss

03/04/2002 9:50 AM

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