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Thursday, June 08, 2006

When We First Met

When We First Met

The truth guided my intentions
to be honest and sincere

convicted of falling in love
at first sight after you appeared

my heart paused while thoughts
guided me to the future years

of holding you tightly
romantically and secure beyond compare

my world stopped spinning
because of how strongly you cared

the soul of my envy conquered
my minds jealousy ridding me of all fears

upside down you turned me
inside out you shared

confidence became the royalty
of your beautiful smile held dear

I knew this was the start of
life unknown to man unprepared

breathless, motionless within
this moment I wish to stay right here

our eyes meeting divine
while our dreams beyond the heavens stared

holding on to the righteousness
of our joyous tears

looking past the sky now
you and I now

and achieving and also

our goals one in the same
so vivid so clear

similar to the time

When We First Met

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