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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hear, Read or Understand

This poem is a new one that expresses my Level

There are some that have
encountered my heart
and many that have witnessed my soul
and the way it speaks
very fluently about love,
maintaining full control
and understanding about
relating unconditionally
with appreciation being my only honest agenda.

I can write unprepared
willing to share
or I can write for myself
to inspire myself
to never have fear
of judgment or criticism
From open Mic to and intimate one on one
this is who I am remaining the only one
that can write without a block
speak confidently with out a lock
on the verbal magnitude I aim to release
poetic piece after poetic piece,
marveling constantly at my on talent endlessly.
I've heard some call it being stuck on myself
or the big C word.
That negativity keeps me on point
because those are the people with no idea
of who they are.
I've been doing this with more focus
on expressing the entity
of my own human than any other
successful or non successful Poet.
(I've done the research
it's not all about the name
or depth or the recognition.
I've found that it's about the honesty
of believing you can succeed
at the speed of light
without aiming to impress no one but yourself

My knowledge is Universally Born
as my name became of your attention

A . H . K . M . E . L .
P . H . A . R . O . D .

I believe you know what the name spells out
all in all my words don't cost anything
for you to

Hear, Read or Understand

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