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Monday, June 24, 2013

ENJOYING THIS - Part 10 of 10 "The Lesson"

I will get right to the point
to capture your imagination
your immediate attention
I need no help
because my souls secure
enough to mention
how I do what I do
when it comes to making love
to you
to the world
with ease and poise
just enough
to hear that noise
a lil faint at times
when I climax
inside of your void
I know it's been a while
since you had
a love like this
a grind like this
a suck like this
a kiss like this
a lick like this
a flick like this
a twist like this
a stroke like this
I'm never scared to go in
I'm a man with needs
needs to not be ignored
or someone is going to have to
answer to my Thurston
Howeling for just a third
of your peaches and cream delight
sweet enough for my appetite
let me take you to my island
where I can use my gills again
instead of skipping
around your Ginger
like Gillagan
some will understand this
if its slowly read again
the same way
most will yearn
to see whats
beneath my dead-skin again
the cleanest
the meanest
I come with
something different
something specific
that should be on your wishlist
as I
get to the point
where what's the point
of seeing this
if you will never be with me

ENJOYING THIS - Part 10 of 10 "The Lesson"

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