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Monday, May 27, 2013

Enjoying This - Part 6 of 10...

Simple as in the way
I wet my lips
Simple as in the way
I met your hips
My Hands
My Caress
My Fit
My Lick
I'm back where I'd love to submit
everything about my uninhibited gentleness
My hunger to sweat with your secrets
My thirst to drown within your deepness
and you know what I'm talking about
I've practiced to become your perfect
That something you've always needed
no stress
no mess
no duress
no contest
and why
when I've been here since 86
longing for that one kiss
So soft
So gentle
So sweet
So passionate
Woman, I am alive for your experience
and to make the God's jealous
while I continue longing for you
to always look to me
to keep your soul whole
for me to mate with
and hold like it was my own
replacing Pandora
out of the box
and into my cuffs
no socks
as I circle you with my locks
one by one
securing your body as I rock
with you until the cops
start to knock
pleasuring you intimately into bliss
so that you will forever keep

Enjoying This - Part 6 of 10...

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