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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Over The Place - My GOD!

The less apprehensive the less effective, as a male I tend to find the attention of women who are practicing the art of EGOTISTICS. I am now in total disbelief based on the audio research, before I found myself decrypting the poorly hidden masculine abundance of affirmation. I mean, I understand women, per say are in constant need of attention, validation and sexual affection, don't get me wrong here. However, I believe the excess self-humiliation should be closer evaluated due to the pain and suffering these same women are continuing to experience daily.

Factually speaking it will always be a lose lose situation, especially for women who believe that they are true to themselves by making themselves physically available to men that they find physically attractive, before spiritually attractive.

Humanity will continue to suffer immensely if women don't put faith first before sex. If God is a woman then I don't want to go to Heaven, because I've seen all of what women are made of here on earth, and I sure do not want to die knowing that my afterlife will be more of the same.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....REALLY! What about Yeast and Blood and the opposite of Love...I've never received love from a woman so how can I know what it is or where it comes from, if its never been shown. "I Love You" means to me when I've been told = I am not really into you, I am into myself and everyman or person that shows me more attention than you. It means = you are stupid for being with me, and that's why I've chosen you, but not only you. It means I don't really love who I am so you better make me feel better than the last person did. This is why I don't like hearing it, and why I don't say it, because it means nothing if you don't know what it is, what it looks like or where its from.

The heart pumps blood to the brain, but doesn't think or process JOY or PAIN, so how can one break IT, or make IT feel anything. WAKE UP! The Mind Tricks the Body....TO BE CONTINUED

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