The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Man Apart

Verse 1.

All odds against me
making the world sleepy

acting like you don't need me
I now will speak freely

before easy

line by line
I'm extra wet
niggaz get ur squeegies

and believe me
Imma keep it mad greasy

sharp like cheddar
far from cheesy

out of my solar system
you need to leave me

the fuck alone
before your neck becomes breezy

thought I was your dog
trying to tease me

I don't only bite I mawl
because I'm Greedy

and I'm always thirsty
so past the Fiji

so my vocal cords
can flow like poland springs
or Deer Park

burning emcee's to flesh
just like Joan of Ark
and I'm just that ill
finishing what I start

On that get back shit
as A Man Apart

Verse 2.

Back with The realness of my style
Even though I'm not trying to go there right now

too many stupid muthaphuckaz
still asking me how

Like Michael Jordan
back in the day yeah I WOW'd

soared above fake Jakes
lamping on fake clouds

Haters trying to pull me down now
gettin laid the fuck out

jaw pieces found on the ground
for running off at the mouth

before summing up my pounds
I use to crush then astound

I bust a rhyme old school
but I'm no Charlie Brown

I may even smile then counter
clockwise your frown

I'm street like lost and found

I've been dirty and beneathe da ground

so understand that I really don't care
cause my muthaphuk is still right here

with nothing to fear
so you better beware

after I look into eyes
to see if you're scared

trying to seeing if your bite
is as big as your bark

before I reach inside of
your chest and take your heart

cuz I'm just that ill
finishing what I start

On that get back shit
as A Man Apart

Verse 3.

Out of your minds
you niggaz must be

as a rapper
needing a lyrical referee

to dish out technicals
and penalties

when stepping to AHKDAGOD
ending all your fantasies

especially when I flip
and leave behind casualties

you see all in my mind
I combine thoughts of tragedies

and I keeps a RED COAT
so run and get your calvery

I battle cordless
with guillotine lyrics cautionless

not another nigga
will ever be caught with this

technique that deserves
more than sponsorships

free studio time
or a hip hop scholarship

my skin is tough and echos
like a rhinosauruos

thoughts about failure
that shits preposterous

cuz I'm just that ill
finishing what I start

on that get back shit

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