The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Monday, February 09, 2009

इ उसे अस माय Bond

I dig moments like this
When I go back in time
Within my mind and transmit
Times when pressure was the shit

From the government cheese experiement
To being introduced
To English muffins
Now eating by the Thomas’s

Hard ass butter melted
In sandwiches
Hamhocks pork bacon
Kitchen smelling like patches of cabbages

Don’t let me have to reveal
The truth within the proof
The jello pudding
Less the Chocolate moose

Niggas were broker than
Stocks that didn’t move
Until that crack
Became that real crush groove

From project to project
I understood my snooze
No alarm to warn
When it was time for another sucker to lose

His fronts for popping junk
Ah yeah you remember
Getting slapped within that box
Getting punked

No ashton no laughing
Just face smacking
Shoe lace jacking
Checker board style outlasting them

From Charlie Rock to Chin Wa
I’ve come far
But not far enough to forget
About my Brooklyn words

I Use As My Bond

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