The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They Called Me Charles Da'God

The Prince of Air was taking his toll... with the kind of love to be sold
The village moral, as a whole, was low.. religious leaders - losing control
Eyes were dry and shut - closed... For many cried their lids swole
Cause Both Young and Old were overly exposed
To the dangling & decomposed Infant bodies dipped in mold
Seemingly stripped to bones and Left alone.. for families to find
Returning home
Prayers were made by the lost souls.. after murder left thier hearts cold
Near the bon-fire's pole.. their desires turned stone
Minds no longer roam.. but all thoughts were in one zone
Strategizing for Equalizing on those in the Marsh Lands
The kill the same clan.. that brought death on the harsh sands
Was now the precise plan of everyone with a knife-in-hand
Now taking the speakers stand - was Ahkmel.. "The Wise Man"
"They must all pay the price... in equal amounts of their life!!" - he said
"Let Evil Denounce in our sights.. as angels give count to our strife"
We are the righteous men who've lost their light..
Amidst the blood - in which we fight
This is for love and equal rights... because we're men and no longer mice
So may our Lord guide our strikes.. at every enemy we slice
For we MUST counterstrike!! Not Tomorrow, but TONIGHT!!!!
I watched them get hype.. as I relaxed and began to write...
Scribbling - with pad and pen.. Envisioning the marching men
I See"the whole gruesome end" before the first blow decends
But I won't let the story bend.. so be patient my restless friends...

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