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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Love’s Dependence

My lust
Estranged immediate
The thoughts about her considerate
To what I need
Before the gift
Secure no longer the secret
I shared with God
The permanent
Equation no longer discontent
Because of my 2 cents
I was blessed once again
With an angel
Who was heaven sent
Leaving me stuck for life
No cement
In her mind now
I pray that I’m a resident
And this is what I desire
To circumvent
All of the pain from in my chest
Just so I can reach my destiny
With her in confidence
Like this poem
I made up to represent
The drive I have to reach her
Before the accomplishment
And her voice
That became a compliment
I don’t believe that
She is now
who I am walking with
Going to lunch just to sit
Across from such a beauty
Her parents
Made the world special with
I want to cry
To experience
Falling in love again
Which would be so relevant
To finding my feelings content
With her smile and attention
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My Love’s Dependence

Written by AHKMEL PHAROD – 08/24/07

All of His Knowledge Makes Everyone Listen to a Prophet of Higher Authority Righteously Orating Divinity

Equating to Universal Wisdom Born

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