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Friday, September 29, 2006

Falling In Love - The Jezebel Remix

Samples: QB's Finest Oochie Wally - "I Beat that 9ussy up theres no denying"
Sade the Promise Album: Jezebel - "Jezebel"
Jill Scott - Beautifully Human: Not Like Crazy - "When We First Met"

It was you
who appeared before me
Yo I like how you look
from your hair to your feet

even the now scent of you
is making me weak
from my mind to my heart
straight to my knees

Now look at me whipped
I can't even breathe
at the same time
my heart skips a beat

All in love now
you see I believe
in the you
which is now
apart of me

Questions answered
meaning your love
I stay giving thanks
to my father above

everyday a blessing
I am not looking to rush
focusing once again
on the pen to the pad blush

where forever existent on you
is my crush
knowing that what makes me strong
is your trust

poetically expressing to you
how you mean so much
which makes me really happy
once again about us

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