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Monday, March 04, 2002

What You Wanted

And just when I thought the lights
had gone out blinding became of your shine
as my hands began shielding the peripheral
leaving me asking the question,
was it a mistake of mine
to think before reacting?
Woman you kept me laughing
serious I was taking you
though patience with you
at the same time I was practicing
maintaining before resorting to verbal action
negative thoughts I fought and battled them
before letting you get underneath my skin
to break my heart just because your heart
had been broken
woman what have you been smoking?
All I needed to know was
if your love was pure for sure
and if you were providing me
with you love evermore
you recognized my plight
as it was for you I wanted to stand tall
you knew this so why did you
find me all of a sudden to good to be true
when it was only you
I was revealing my feeling to
as you disregarded them
discounting your own,
as the only person
you didn't care about was you,
which was sad at times making
me greater than mad
resulting in me drinking away the pain
and confusion inside me I had
later leaving me with flashbacks of my dad
while you expressed to me
all of what you've been through
keeping your guard up
not even allowing your love
if there was love for me to surface
conditionally over analyzing
each and everything I strived
to do for you
like in a relationship
with you only because it was

What You Wanted

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