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Sunday, January 02, 2000

From the Projects

Dedicated To All Who Survived

My people
Your people
We are all the same equal
Just different floors
Keys to the same front door
So what the deal
And get for Christmas
Your front teeth
Not wrapped just handed
You’ve just been reprimanded
In your project
Where there is no [I] in hard
So why you acting
Alone you stepping
And alone is how you
Receive the action
The universal beat down
In front of me now
Like the penile
Pissing on you like
An elevator
I call you OTIS
Cuz you don't know shit
Walking crooked
You don't know shit
These surroundings are
Nobody’s super here
Just explosive
Best believe
Around the projects
Nobody owns shit
Got fly shit
Be seen become a target
Now it's my shit
From your pockets
The change
To your jewels
Understand these rules
Not your own to break fool
Or traveled unglued
To a tool
Some carry more closely
Than those married
Knowledge the commandments of the who represent
That will cause you
Permanent damage
Number 1 is you either Do
Number 2 is you either Die
Words to live by from
another Brooklyn Baby
Repping that real

From the Projects

LLORD TRIFE (3A) BABY JUDAS 01/02/2000 12:00PM

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